I found two sentences in the Oxford dictionary.
1. It is imported for him to attend every day.
2. It’s important to me that you should be there.
(I am highlighting the way it is done in the dictionary.)

What’s the difference between important to and important for? Maybe it is connected to the construction following it?

“important to X” means that X thinks it’s important.

“important for X” can mean the same, but can also mean that someone else thinks it’s important, or that it’s important according to some objective criteria. The latter meanings are often expressed in the form "important for X to ", as in your example.

I think you mistyped the first sentence.

thank you Dozy, yes, you are right, instead of importe should be important.


  1. Housing is vitally important to us all.
  2. Housing is vitally important for us all.
    Are these sentences correct?
    Do they mean the same?

These are both possible. “to” tends to more strongly emphasise that the individuals themselves feel that it is important. However, the difference in this case is not very strong.