Immigrants and Assimilation.Tried to work on essay organization.Thank you 4 Help.

[color=green]Topic: when immigrants arrive in a new country , should they assimilate into the new culture or try to preserve their old culture? In what ways do you think people need to assimilate ?What kinds of things do people usually want to preserve from their old culture ? What is the risk to the nation if assimilation is too extreme ? What is the risk if immigrants do not assimilate ?

[size=150]" When in Rome ,do as the Romans do." This well known slogan suggests the acceptable and wise behavior that people should endure when being in others home or country . It is advisable to assimilate and interact with other people when visiting or staying at their own place as long as it doesn’t affect badly someone’s own religion and culture. People should assimilate with others by following their laws and rules ; by respecting their religion , culture and traditions .

Immigrant people need to interact and communicate with the new society they have became exposed to . Furthermore, that won’t be easy unless they to comprehend and accept the new environment surrounding them . They need to live by the new country orders and understand their rules. For instance, some countries would insist in having visitors’ children immunized against some diseases or infections before entering the country , then the new comer should understand their policy and allow them to do their work with an open heart .Another thing is that they have to respect the natives beliefs , traditions and culture differences and understand them .i.e. The new comer oughtn’t to make fun of the others traditions or show disrespect for their thoughts.

However, following others rules and respecting their attitudes doesn’t mean to adapt the others religions or overall traditions. There is a slight difference of how to distinguish between the two acts. Immigrants need to preserve their own religion and culture just as they respect others religion and culture . Otherwise ,when the assimilation becomes so extreme , it will be difficult for them to tide the rein . Later they may suffer from the lost of identity especially among the coming generation which is to be consider unacceptable.

T sum up , if immigrants were not able to assimilate at all , then they would face many difficulties and by the end they would find themselves living isolated from the world around .That’s why they should participate, interact and accept the new conditions they are about to live by . Still ,this acceptance must not be so extreme that they forget all about their origins at the end.

[color=red]NOTE; I’m sure I have many mistakes but I’m not able to recognize them , I do appreciate your time and help ,[color=red][size=150]THANK YOU VERY MUCH[/size] .

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Hi Sarah, not too many mistakes in this one. Do avoid using contractions and abbreviations in formal essays and make sure you have no spaces before your periods and one space after them. Your writing was very clear apart from a couple odd sounding phrases. Your vocabulary is a bit basic though, leading to some repetition in your words. Still a good effort, I would rate this a 4 out of 5.