immediate cash or immediate money

Hello there;

Would anyone kindly tell me what ‘immedidate cash or immediate money’ exactly means.
“The cost is not in immediate cash”.

I qould guess that whoever wrote this is not a native English speaker, but I assume it means you don’t have to pay before you get the product.

Hey Beesnees;

The quote is from ‘IELTS7’ reading passage 2 ,test 2 Cambridge Exams. Here’s the complete quotation:
“Brninging down the cost of food is one of the challenges of the twenty first century.That cost ,however, is not in immediate cassh”.

Thank you. Knowing the context puts a different complexion on things as it’s now clear that my original understanding was not correct.

It seems that they are saying they are not just talking about the lowering of prices when they are speaking of bringing down the cost of food.

You have comma spacing errors in your writing. The spaces should come after full stops and commas, but not before them.