I'm Tulaja, a New member too!

Hello everyone!

I am new on this forums. I want to take toefl in next month. I m looking for a study partner to improve my english speaking skills. And also I want to know the eassy topics. I read some essay written by some members of this forums. Even i would like to write some eassy but i don’t have any idea from where to get the topics.

And I also want ot know that how much preparation time I should take to scrore 100 in ibt?

I know that whoever is reading this post must be finding somany grammatical mistakes. I would really be thankful to you if u let me know the mistakes even from these few lines.

Kindly correct me and help me out with the above things I metioned.
Best Regards,


I am glad to know you here. I probably couldn’t help you in English because my English is not good enough. However,if you want to talk with somebody,I would like to talk with you using skype,msn and other instant message when I am free.

Talk with you soon.