I'm really disappointed...:((

Could you give us some suggestions or plans that help us to save or keep the vocabulary in our minds ? :!:

I always try to save new vocabulary by repeat and repeat them ( like a cockatoo ) ,but unfortunately after a little time , I find difficult way to remind them !!! so I’m really disappointed…:frowning:

Hi Hercules!

I think a good idea is to use the words. You can do it at the topic What do you want to talk about at this site. It might be hard to read posts sometimes because you see many words you never heard before. But to understand the posts you often have to look into your dictionary and learn words too you didn?t expect to learn. I myself have learned a lot there and intent to go on doing that.

Kind Regards


Hi Michael

Thank you to post me ,and when I’ve joined here in this website as a new member, I saw your name is really fantastic “Fan of Arabian horses” because I think that The arabian’s horse is one of the wonders in the world …

back to my main subject …
My matter is that when I study or try to keep the new word in my memory , maybe after one day or two days ,I’ve been suffering so much when I try to replay this word as I studyed it … so I need a good way or the active action will be me improveing more and more …

Thanks again :wink:

First,you must read a lot,train your hearing by listenning to English channels,radio.Try to use new words in different combinations,make them part of your active vocabulary.It’s really a hard work but be sure you’ll be rewarded!

Hi Hercules!

Mohammed himself gave the discription of the Arabian horse! As I own an Arabian mare and work often with her I know to appreciate that.

My intention had been to tell you my way of learning English. Chatting on this site and reading the replies of the other members gave me pictures of the words which had been used. So it became easier for me to keep words in mind. I didn?t intent to learn particular words but as much as I can. In this sense I find it a good way!

How many words do you learn a day? Are you limited in time?



actually why should we press ourselves about vocabulary
we are clever enough to know the knowledge is taken by
hard work ,or work at all ,or by studying.
Let’s say just by learning.
It means for example if you are able to spend just few hours a day with book - well it has to be enough.
I decided some time ago to give up at all my ambitious,
and just make some fun.
The best way to study vocabulary
for me is reading and listening to the audio books.
Special if I have a chance to repeat the same book something like twenty times and more (no joke).
You may need a contact with a teacher sure to clear your doubts or correct you, but the greatest part of the job will lie on you head so and so.
Try whatever will suit you and write later about conclusions.
I have bought recently in London ; “The Quran Translated
Message for Humanity”.(My onkel had demanded from me not read the book in the plain but I read entire trip and really enjoy it for my surprise finally final I was not even arrested for at the end)
wish all luck and patience

On the wall somewhere in my company I had found something like this “patience and perseverance have enormous effect on entire job” bla,bla,bla…
On job probably not quite exactly but for studying of foreign languages very very possible.

thank you jan :lol:

I’ll have an exam in English soon …
so i need your help in that and our members …

thanks again