I'm Ngoc Diep, from Binh Phuoc province, Viet Nam.

Grateful to join in this forum. I like to improve my English skill, but I don’t have many chance to do this. I hope after be a member I can communicate very easy with all of you. Thanks!

Dear Ngoc Diep,

Thanks a lot for joining our forum. We are very glad to hear you want to improve your English and we look forward to learning more about you. What do you do? Where and how did you learn English?

Talk to you soon,

TOEIC listening, photographs: Construction workers[YSaerTTEW443543]

I’m a student of University of Natural Sciences- Ho Chi Minh city.I think Vietnamese will know I am a girl, it’s on my name, a ruby leaf. My father loved my name very much. I’ve learned English in school and by myself. I had level B-intermidiate in English, I want a certificate TOEIC or something like that for my job. I learned about Biology, biophysical of plant. It isn’t seen important in Viet Nam, and my province too. I sad about that. So I think I should have a new focus as earning lot of money, hic, i don’t like money. I’d learned English on my own, it’s not work. I hope this forum will help me a lot. By the way, the first lesson you sent to me is boring. Can you send to me an interesting unit? Thanks you.

It’s very nice to know you. Your name’s very beautiful and lovely. And I like your attitude to job: " I don’t like money". Yes, I agree with you. Money is just money. What we should do is try our best to contribute to the development of our hometown and our country !