I'm Lubna from Pakistan.

Good Evening Everyone!
When I received my first mail from Sir Torsten, he said that he want to learn about me,from where am I,he posted some links and asked about me.I opened the links and answer to them,but still no one have learnt about me.Now,I understood how to introduce myself and that is what I am doing.

I’m Lubna from Pakistan,my nickname is Luby you can also call me Luboo if you like.I’m actually not living in Pakistan right now.I’m not living in American,but I study in an American school here.We study all the subjects in English aside from our mother language,like Urdu,which is mine.My friends are foreigners,I sometimes talk with them in English.Some of my friends belong from the same country as me,I am usually talking with them,so I speak Urdu.That’s why my English isnt that good and I wanna improve it because my family in Pakistan are good in English than me plus my teachers are good in English,and I have a harder time communicating with them.

Teachers I hope you are reading my message right now!

Thank you so much!

Please reply so that I can know that someone has read my message.

Hi lubna i have recently jointed english course.i want to know for how long you have been joint with this course.did you felt some improvment in yourself with this course please tell me about your english improvement.

Good Evening Mohs Usman,
To begin with,I would like to thank you for giving comments in my post!
I have joined this website on August 2009,so its been like 5 or 4 months.Yes I did feel some improvement in my English with this website.In the home page,there are many quizzes about many things and the questions will teach you how to ask,tell,or say something,you visit this website everyday and take those quizzes.On the forum,there are many topics,I post comments on them and because of writing my English is becoming pretty good,and if you have any questions based on English you can ask them here and you will get your reply as soon as possible,and if you wrote a wrong grammar,then the teachers in this website will definitely correct it,they even do mine.
Don’t Worry!Your English will be high.You also talk in English,listen to something in English,read something in English.

Good Luck!

Hallo everyone, can somebody explain the meaning of “gold” in the sentence below:

During the recession, the government found that many large corporations were not in the gold like they originally thought. They had been losing money for a long time and that’s why so many of them went bankrupt.

Thank you:)

My name is Ahmed i am also from Pakistan. Nice to meet you . Could you help me if i send you any sentence in English and you translate it in our own language “Urdu” cause sometimes i didn’t understand the exact meaning of a sentence …well i am new here…

take care