I'm loving this color?


Is ‘to love’ still a stative verb? I’m asking because I’ve several times heard the people use the verb love in the progressive form and I’m not just referring to the current McDonald tag line ;-).

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lol I’m lovin’ it ← the q not McDonald :mrgreen:

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actually acording to my grammar book it’s still stative … but u know nothing stay as it is for so long … it’s Teconolgy Big Boss :mrgreen: hehehe

thanx for the topic …u confused me man ><
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It’s still a stative verb. One of the reasons that that old McDonald’s slogan was memorable was specifically that it used a stative verb in a continuous tense. It was unusual.

When people say, “I’m loving it,” or something similar, they are really saying, “For the time being, I am getting great pleasure from that, but the experience will probably end soon.”

Nonetheless, that usage is somewhat unusual and quite slangy.

How true - it is interesting to think about how advertising influences language.

I’m loving its color?[YSaerTTEW443543]

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That’s a good question.)) I find the explanation offered by Jamie (K) pretty convincing. By the way, I’ve come across another stative verb used in Continuous:
“He was thinking, I am quite sure, of his beloved daughter, and he was wanting to join her in heaven. So he died.” (From ‘Boy’ by Roald Dahl)
I suppose the explanation above could do here as well.

I think that in this case language influenced advertising, which then in turn influenced language.