I'm Ileana. My surname is Pitui. I'm from Romania. Its capital is Bucharest...

Hi, I’m Ileana Mihaela. My surname is Piţui.I’m from Romania. Its capital is Bucharest. My mother tongue is Roumanian and the second language is English. Also I speak Italian and French a little. I’m clerk at Law Court Târgu Mureş and my hobbies are learning foreign languages, sport, music, dance. I like the nature. I’m married, My husband’s name is Fabrizio. He is software programs engineer. His favourite expression is " I can do many things, but not everything". I apreciate him very much.

Dear Torsten,
Thank you very much for your help. I like very much your English lessons, your explanations, it helps me a lot.
Best regards,
Ileana Mihaela

hi ileana
can u help me in learning english?

Hi Ileana,

My name is Jenny and i live in USA.I’m very happy to find other Romanian people here.

Take care!

Hi, Jenny ,

I am glad you like Romanian people.
Would you like to tell me more about you?
Would you like to help me learning English?

Best regards,
Ileana Mihaela

Hi, Razereza 2002,

I would like we learn English together. Of course, I will help you as I can.
Please, tell me more about you.

Take care,
Ileana Mihaela

Hey Everyone,

Great to know that there’s quite a few people out there who are willing and eager to learn the english language. I’m from a country where English is the official language in regards to government operations. At home, my parents speak our native language because that’s the only language we can all converse in effectively. Anyway, it was nice to meet everyone and hopefully the communication process continues as we strive to improve our english speaking and writing ability. Have a great day everyone and be safe.


Yes, I would like to help you with your english but mine it’s not too great either.
But, if I can be useful to you or if you have any question let me know, and maybe I can help you.


Thank you, Jenny.
How old are you? What do you do?

Ileana Mihaela