I'm from Vietnam (Hanoi university)!

Hi everyone ! I am a sophomore of the English department, Hanoi university, Vietnam. :slight_smile:

Hello White Paradise and welcome to our forum. How did you find us and how are things at the English department of Hanoi University?

Talk to you soon,

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Hello, White Paradise
What a suggestive name you have !:smiley: :wink:

Hello,white Paradise
I’m from Vietnam to.Hope you can make friends and improve your English here :smiley:

My university, Hanoi universuty(Hanu), is the leading university of teaching as well as studying language in Vietnam. My English department is the biggest one in my university and the oldest one, 75 years. There are about 17 foreign languages taught and studied in Hanu.
Thanks Duc, hope that we will be friends :D. Nice to meet U!
My name is Hà Trần. I saw this web when searching for topics for my primary research report. I think that it’ s very helpful for me!So, I decided to register.


White paradise, here’s a question. I’ve heard that the Vietnam economy has been growing strongly for a while now, do you think that for middle class families with children , english study will be important? Do you think that the parents will push their children to study?

Hi Boke! Vietnam economy has developed fast and strongly. And in 2007, Vietnam officially became member of WTO and a non permanent member of UN Security Council from 2008 to 2009. This integration stimulates international trade, cultural exchange between Vietnam and other countries as well as promote Vietnam’ s image to international community. So, to have good job, I and many other Vietnamese youths think that studying foreign language is not only important but also necessary. There are many choices for us such as French, Chinese, Japanese,etc. However, English is the integral one because it is the international language. Nowadays, English is one subject in educational system in Vietnam. Of course, parents think that studying English is good for their children’s future. But not everyone can study English well inspite of their attempt. That’s why some parents try to push their children to study English. I think that makes the children hate English. Let them get used to approaching naturally or through their hobbies.
Thanks for your concern!

Yes, It’s quite true.My father knows English very well but when I first learned English,he never pushed me to study hard,even when I had some English confusing questions he rarely explained them to me,just gave me some of his grammar exercise and told me to read.Gradually I felt like English very much because I myself always found the answers to my questions and I became one of the best student in English at school.Now I think children should be let to get used to approaching naturally or through their hobby.

You should correct " Now I think children should be let to get used to approaching naturally or through their hobby"
'cause the passive form of verb " let " is " be allowed to do sth", not " be let" .
So, your sentence should be " Now I think children should be allowed to get used to approaching naturally or through their hobby"