I'm from Switzerland. I want to improve my English, because my boyfriend lives...

Hi there,

I’m a 17-years-old swiss student [so I speak French]
and I want to improve my english, because my boyfriend
lives in England and that I really love this country!
I want english to be my second mothertongue.
Don’t hesitate to mail me if you want me to tell you
a little things about Switzerland, I would be pleased
to talk!

Most welcome Danii.

Yes, I am interested in knowing one simple thing about your nice country. Could you please tell me the names of the entire Swiss population?

You may need some time to answer, so take 7 or even 11 minutes, no problem.

Waiting for Godot… I mean… for your quick answer.


my aim is improve my english by speaking someone…
do you want to talk with me_?

Hello Iraqi!
Thank you for answering me, but
I don’t really understand your question …
What do you want exactly?

It is ‘English’ not ‘english’. Also, if I am not wrong, there can be only one mother tongue.

And a warm welcome to the forum :slight_smile:

Hey keep cool, I said that for fun!
And I don’t think that a capital letter
will help me improving! But thank you indeed …
[I already knew that, I’m just lazy]

Yes, but it reflects a respect towards the language :slight_smile:

Hello Danii,

Welcome to the forum.

Gray, you are partially wrong. There are certain people who are a result of marriages in which parents are from different nationalities; thus, the scions are bilingual.

Best regards

Thank you! =DD

Thanks. Something I never thought of before :slight_smile:

Danii, I mean that you tell me the names of all the Swiss people. I think it is as simple as drinking a glass of water, isn’t it.

Hey, don’t be agressive! I’m sorry but I just cannot understand …
Do you want to know some swiss names or something?

i am pratheesh from indiaand i am working as a teacher in english i ma here for good friends and impoving english we can tlk in skype if like to add me’


meet in skype also

hi dear,

i am so happy to know you from there.
i am an english teacher 30 years old & in case you would like to learn more you can ask me any question you would like to ask.

happy to meet you here.

tks ,


Bonjour Madamoiselle,

Welcome to the forum.

One can never resist the plea of a young lady in love. Ah, the romance…

Anyways, from your previous posts, I assume that you are interested in improving your speech rather than your writing. In that case, may I suggest putting a voice message in Listening, speaking, pronunciation and accent training?

Take part in any thread that ticks your interest and post your voice message there. One of our native speakers will be happy to help you with your speech.

Have fun!

Good luck. Since you are swiss, and speak French. Are you fluent in German and Italian?

Les gens de Swiss parlent trois langues : Le Français , L’italienne , et L’allemande…n’est pas?

You have several of mistakes:
1 You must start with capital letter.
2 Countries and nationalities are written always with capital letter.
Ha Ha Ha… sorry :smiley: