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Internet is network with connect one computer to the other computer. The internet is very important to our life to access the information all over the world. A lot of people today use internet for their work and for education. Almost all people have an internet service in their home and many people use internet through the mobile phone too.

Internet has some positive effect. From the internet we can know what happen in the world more faster than newspapers or magazines. The Internet has become an increasingly important feature of the learning environment for us. It is not only a source of information but you can also follow some online courses which may benefit your knowledge about a certain course. From the internet we can learn many things, we can study our favorite subject from many education sites when you browse through different Internet sites. And its more effective because we can learn without teachers, anytime, and enywhere we want. Now For the students Internet is vital to completing school projects. Many students don’t need to visit the library anymore for research because you can find plenty of encyclopedia’s and education sites. Beside that, we can have a very much reference to study. Also we can have new friends from another country and learn about their culture. so internet can improve our knowledge and have new relationships with many people.

But Internet also can be bad for us. Internet can make us become lazy because we can spend much time in front of computer to online at internet. Almost people in the word have account in social websites. They spend more time just for share about they activity or chat with they friends. Also Internet can make us not responsible to people around us. Many childrens under age sometimes see pornography site and they parents don’t know that. They can have bad moral. A lot of information is available, but not all of it is quality information. And some student use internet for plagiarism they homework. Beside that, the internet also can cause addiction and lost track of time.

Anyway, Internet does have a wide range of functions but also have a variety of bad things. So use the internet as needed and use internet for education.

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