I'm free Monday morning.

I’d appreciate it if someone would answer my questions. Thanks in advance.

Concerning the sentence: I’m free Monday morning.

Can “Monday morning” here mean either all the morning of Monday morning, or a particular period of time (say, from 9 a.m. until 11 a.m.) of Monday morning, or a particular moment (say, at 9 a.m.) of Monday morning, depending on the context?

I would say all of the morning. 8 am till noon.


Context would allow for it to to refer to a period of time or a specific time also.

For example, I just replied to an email asking several of us to pick a time or times we were available for a conference, from a list of given times.

My response was “I can do Tuesday morning, Wednesday afternoon, or anytime Thursday morning.”

The list of choices was something like Tuesday 9-11, Tuesday 3-5, Wednesday 9-11, Wednesday 3-5, Thursday 9-1:30, etc.

However, without the context of a list of times, I’d agree that saying you were free Monday morning would indicate the entire morning. Presumably one would assume that the beginning time available would be whatever the usual starting time for that job is.

–Thank you, Skrei. I see your idea very much. But how about Monday morning referring to a specific time?
For example, in the sentence: “I’ll be reading the magazine Monday morning”, Monday morning means a specific time (like at 9 am). But how about “I am free Monday morning”? Can Monday morning here mean a specific time?

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Yes, if the context has indicated so. However, your example of “I’ll be reading the magazine Monday morning” doesn’t refer to a specific time, unless again, it’s been mentioned in context.

For example:

“Are you available at 9 a.m on Monday?”
“No, I’ll be ____ (working, reading a magazine, sleeping, on vacation, etc).”
“Yes, I’m free then” or “Yes, I’m free Monday.”

If you just say “I’ll be reading a magazine Monday morning” or “I’ll be free Monday morning”, without any other context, then it’s not a specific time, and could be anytime between 12:00 a.m to 12:00 p.m. on Monday.

I see very much. Thank you Skrei.