I'm early for my appointment? What does it mean?

Hi, guys,

“I`m a bit early for my appointment. Can you fit me in on Friday at 6?”

It’s a line from a dialogue in which the speaker try to make a… kind of reservation with a beauty salon. I have no idea of "early for my appointment’. Do you know what the phrase means? It’s unusual to me because ‘I’m early’ sound somewhat awkward to me. Please answer me! Thank you in advance!



‘Early for my appointment’ on its own would usually mean ‘I have arrived some time before the time of my appointment’ but I can’t understand how this fits in with the rest of your sentence.


Thank you for your quick answer, Alan. It’s actually a part of a transcript from a lecture. So I think the lecturer made a mistake. Sometimes people slip, you know. :slight_smile:

Maybe the speaker wanted to reschedule his appointment, that’s why he came in early, to notify in advance that he could not make it.

Sounds a bit convoluted to me!