I'm at a loss (Muslims and "Islamic Style"?)

Hello everyone,

I’ve received the following email from one of our 100000+ subscribers to our free email English course. Can you please make any sense of this? At first glance I thought that this is just another spam email. Then I read it more carefully and realized that the person actually took the time to express their thoughts. So can you please help me make sense of this? Many thanks! Torsten

Here is the email:
sir hello
i know english as know sir i dont like that lessons you are giving me because i am a muslim we know as well good our holly book Quran ul karim sir if are you giving so please give a short and you know all are muslim the Islam is and has a great history you know in arabistan in makkah there is a stone our prophet was a very huge big and very strong when he was prayer in islamic style so when he walks a stone become near to him so he didnt know there is stone when he walks through it’‘’‘’’ he feel like he walks through the mud and when he saw there was a 2 foot stone and the foot signatures was there so think that how could it made it is not made from a scientist all the world test it but the result you know…
sir i am not against the non muslim but look all the worlds people is going to become a muslim …!!! ok tell me have you seen a person to become following<hindu,cristian,buddhist> any muslim noooooooooo… so think that if there is no result so think that ofcourse islam is the truthest ok go to google or youtube and search
<< allah miracle, mohammed saw miracles,> then you will see ok so please i dont like this largest seeing of english ok
bye and in the future do not email me.[YSaerTTEW443543]

TOEIC listening, photographs: At the lathe[YSaerTTEW443543]

Good morning Torsten. It appears that he has no wish to learn English.

One wonders why he enrolled in the first instance.

Please remove him from your mailing list.

He has the teachings of Allah. He requires no other.

This make no sense… Im muslim too, and I think this text is garbage.
And I think that this email has been send by some hater ( non-muslim who’s hate islam ) I already have seen same things, they represent themself like muslim, or muslim represent themself like a christian and write stupid things. Believe me, or its just a nasty kid or some stupid man : )

Well, I’m a Muslim, too (not practicing, though), but this text doesn’t make any sense to me. The only more or less clear parts are that, first, he doesn’t like your lessons, and, second, he asks you not to write him anymore. The rest is pretty much unintelligible.

I think that the writer of this e_mail has no relationship neither with English nor with Islam.

In fact he is writing to you a statement, that seems like a delirium, only because this is a famous site. And I don’t think that he is able to distinguish the

meanings of your perfect lessons or understand your well done explanations.

Hi Torsten,

It sounds like someone just keating or he doesn’t know what he is talking about. Just group of words and nothing more than that. If he doesn’t want you to send hem email well, it’s hes wish, there is too many people who are desperately need your help. Just take hem off from your email book

i dont know what the aim of him but i think he wanted to teach Islam, but the way that he has used is not right. i am Muslim, too and according to my religion, anyone can pick any religion and noone can interfere this.

maybe, he had no bad thought but i suppose you should delete or block his e-mail :wink:

i hope it doesnt occur again,


Hi Torsten
I’m new here and I like your lessons, I hope they will improve my english more!
also, I’m a muslim but I can’t know what this email means!!!
it is clear that he is not a muslim and talk nonsense just ignore it!


If he was a real muslim as he pretended, he would never say such crab, I’m sorry if I’m being rude but that’s the truth. Islam reveres knowledge, and if he really knew his Quoran he would probably know that the first thing God had said to his prophet Mohammed is " Read". I think he’s just searching for justification for being a loser, and I think he really is.


I have read that a couple of times but I can’t understand it. It is just a bunch of jive.

But if we know the last lesson the fellow read, we may get to know better about his mindset.

It is really sad to read the above thing. I think it is just proof positive that some Muslims are responsible for the complete contempt some people have for them.