I'm Ahmed from Saudi Arabia

hi i’m ahmed from saudi arbia .iam very happy to join to you .i’m here to improve my english language and make new friends .

just push me up to get TOEFL.

Hi Ahmed

and nice to see you here with our team … :smiley:

Here you can find new friends and make a great practice in English and you also can exchange experiences and ideas from many kinds of different societies… :slight_smile:

could you tell us something about yourself ? 8)

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thank u Hercules so much for welcoming me
i’m greatful to u .

i don’t know what do u want to know about me ?
but i can tell something.

iam biomedical engineer .iam working in national gaurd hospital in dammam in saudi arabia contery.

Hi Smart
Your profession seems very interesting! I like everything that deals with medicine. Why do you want to take TOEFL?

hi Pamela

thank you so much for welcoming me .and

I’d like to take TOEFL because i want to get matser degree in my field.

What a good nickname! :smiley:
So you plan to go to US or Ca for your Master Degree? I think you will attend TOFEL and GRE , may you good luck!

hello FangFang

thank you for your compliment .

I wish you the same.

That’s great, Smart! Wish you great success, though your nickname gives me a hint that you’ll achieve your goal!

thank you pamela.

i hope so to get my goal.

Go ahead, Smart! :smiley: