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Topic is :
Television is a good influence on children. Do u agree or disagree ? Why ?

Some people thinks television is a good influence on children. However it is quite the contrary for me. In my personal perspective, I feel that television is not a good influence on children. For example causes of health spending too much time front of television, how television can be dangerous about violent and lastly i want to write about relationship between television and social life.

First, i was watching too much television when i was a toddler . One day i realize that i had watched tv almost 15 hour before i finally exhausted from watching television. It was so bad because my eyes were like a monster eyes when i looked myself in mirror . I thought that i really got sick because of television. After that day i feel so sick and enervated i hardly had opened my eyes before i went to breakfast. and also i had felt nausea before went to breakfast. After that day i promise myself to never watch too much tv. I think that Watching too much tv can make a people really sick.

Moreover, when i was a child i realized that how i was angry to one of the friend from my school. There were not a big deal issue but i really had hardly controlled my self before i almost accost him. I was so bad and so angry my feelings were so pitfall about him. Even though i said to myself " i am a good person" , i wanted to accost him. I think that was because of watching too much television. I think watching too much Tv made me very tyrannical on that day.

Furthermore, when i was a child i realize that i had not got more friends like now. I Neither wanted to play nor wanted go with them when i was watching too much tv. My social life was in a bad mode. I thought i was pushing the envelope at that time. During this session i felt so lonely my friends was looking at me like i came from the different planet inasmuch as i hadn’t really tried to connect with them. Killing two birds in one stone is little big hard if u watching too much tv but also you wanting to get more friends in other word you want to increase your social life.

Suffice it to say, For this reasons television is not a good influence for children. Who wants to his or her children to become antisocial ? I think not many people. Every parent should eschew her or his toddler from watching too much tv.

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Hi, your writing is not too bad. I did not really like your organization though. Your thesis was weak and you should start your body paragraphs with topic sentences. Your examples are good, but try to make some statements to integrate the examples better into your essay. An essay shouldn’t just be a list of examples. Making a basic error of not capitalizing “I” gives a very bad impression to the grader, as does substituting “u” for “you”. Your grammar is quite good, but you have used some words incorrectly. Overall, I would rate this essay a 3.5 out of 5.

Thank u very very very much i learned lots of thing because of you. You giving your time for reading peoples essay it really a nice thing. Now I’m gonna post another essay i just wrote :slight_smile: .