-._.- If you're stuck

Talking about learning English

Man: And there’re lots of other resources available.

Woman: First of all, there’re the books and audiotapes that go with this program.

Man: Plus the programs themselves which, by the way, are available on videocassette.

Woman: And there are other ESL packages, lots of videos, tapes, textbooks, readers, materials from the government.

Man: And let’s not forget regular TV and radio. And if you can’t understand all of the programs, just use your VCR or tape recorder to replay the segments until you do.

Woman: And there’re also community resources, newspapers, newsletters, tutors, things to do in the community.

Man: And don’t forget family and friends who speak good English. Get them to help you with your studies.

Woman: Just talk to them as much as you can.

Man: In English.

Woman: If you’re stuck, ESL schools like this can also help you.

Man: So can libraries and community centers.

Woman: And you can always help yourself by looking up words in dictionaries and by finding out more about life in Canada by reading reference books and encyclopedias.


What does “If you’re stuck” mean in this dialogue?

Does it mean “If you’re confused” or something else?

Thank you


It means more than confused. It means you can’t progress any further.
It is past tense of “stick”. The present tense can’t be used this context.

You can use glue or tape to “stick” things together. Then they are stuck and can’t move.
Your car can be “stuck” in the mud, or snow, or sand - it can’t move.
When you have tried all possibilities and can’t continue, you are “stuck”.


Thank you so much, NearlyNapping :rose:

Very nice explanation.

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