'If you will/would…' : Extra polite?

Certainly, it could be a more polite request to say

'If you will/would wait here,…’

if you’re a receptionist who needs to left a customer for some time to arrange something with other staff.

But wouldn’t it be ‘extra-polite’ (= sarcastic) if used in informal ‘peer’ communication? For example, among colleagues.

(Just to note: it’s a usual and general problem for foreigners to be polite ‘adequately’ – not too much, not inadvertently rude. Just sufficiently.)

With a colleague or acquaintance, both are too formal, really. Something like Sit here a minute, OK? would do.

Being overly formal, however, is better than being underly so, and is certainly not necessarily seen as sarcasm or disrespect-- these are shown more in tone of voice and behaviour.

Thank you, Mister Micawber.

You’re right. Of course, ‘Sit here a minute, OK?’ would be better…
Unfortunately, in some situations and with some people (even colleagues) there is a need to be a bit formal… :frowning:
But not ‘too much’. :slight_smile:

That’s right.

But it reminded me the classic “only-after-you” situation - with two men before a door, when they both try to surpass each other in politeness.

Also I’ve heard the English expression I will if you will