If you want to have complete control on someone

If you want to have complete control on someone , educate him.

Since educated people have more self control and good judgment than the uneducated who usually follow the piper happily.

Just an airy thought.

kind regards.

I intended this post to so called politicians who doesn’t know how to do politics.

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I doubt there are any on these forums. You ought to find another outlet for your political rants.

Hi Dear Mr. Lwin!

You can consider to www.opendemocracy.com beside all
forums too.

I have just posted some topics at first one. They have also much reputation.


p.s. If you feel any difficulty just search by browser separately.

Dear Mr. Minhajquazi,

Thank you very much. I’ll have a try later.

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You are 100% correct.

Illiteracy always invites the army rule! It happened again and again in Bangladesh.

Democracy means ‘wisdom’. I have no idea about Burmese civil society. Ok from now on,
I would search them. You can co-operate me sending their some links to my
Thank you very much.

whoever rule the country is not a fact, but a mirage.
My dear friend.

If the ruler himself has wisdom it is all right to me.
A Military or King or Queen or Aristocrat or Socialist of Communist or Democrat or Republican, I don’t mind at all.
If it can make the country prosperous in every fields.
If not don’t rule? In terms of management, as you know, it is just like the leader and his organization. A government is the same as an organization. Just a bigger organization, I believe. If he is a true leader, he surely can control and lead the country.

( The oldest fool is the king of fools in the kingdom of fools. )

kind regards.