If you have any question about China or Chinese culture, I can try to explain it.

Maybe I am not an expert in Chinese culture or Chinese history, but at least I am a Chinese. I’ll try to answer your question and give you a reasonable explanation.

Generally, you can think Chinese culture is a female style culture. Then you can understand everything. If you don’t believe my theory, you can have a try, ask me one question about China, then I’ll give you an answer.

Well, my first question is how you managed to learn English so well ;-)? I used to live with a Chinese girl from Taiwan. She would often point out to me that the official name of her country is R.O.C. and that Red China needs to change for the better before it can make any real impact on the world :wink:

I learned to pronounce a number of Chinese phrases correctly without being able to write or read them and when I was visiting her family in Taipei they called me ‘shau ingyu’ (‘little parrot’) because I would repeat phrases I picked up at random ;-).[YSaerTTEW443543]

TOEIC listening, question-response: How much do those headphones cost?[YSaerTTEW443543]

Hi Torsten,

Do you really think my English is well? :slight_smile: You are encouraging me. Thank you. When I learn English, more exercises are focused on understanding or judgment, and few opportunity to express. I think expression is more difficult than reading.

For China, yes, it has a lot of problems. First, it should be more rational when people criticize its faulty. China’s government is just like a vain woman. Their faces are their most important thing. :slight_smile: They don’t need truth. To flatter them is your obligation.

To study Chinese language, I think the best way is to start with dialogues, just like children, they studied language by repeating dialogues. Chinese characters are hard to recognize, and traditional Chinese language almost has no grammar. So studying Chinese with logic is a wrong way. :slight_smile: Studying Chinese with intuition and image think, that’s the right way.

Another interesting thing is each Chinese word has its own tune. Same pronunciation with different tune is different word. Chinese dialects in different places have different tune. Some pronunciation is very dramatic and exaggerated. So Chinese language is also a female style language, lacking of abstract logic, but full of feeling, intuition and rhythm. :slight_smile:

When I say Chinese culture is a female style culture, I am not kidding, I am seriously. I have plenty of evidences to prove my theory. For example, surname or your family name, the word in Chinese is 姓,This Chinese character consists of two parts, the left side “女” means female, the right side “生” means generate or produce or give a birth. So in ancient China, your family name is not from your father, it’s from your mother, the female who give you a birth.

In fact, the most oldest family names in ancient China are all from females, 姜、姬、妫、姒、赢、姞、姚、妘, you can find female ”女“ in every word.

Another interesting word is 阴阳 (yinyang), 阴 means moon,or dark or female, 阳 means sun, or bright, or male. In ancient China, people think every thing is composed by two opposite parts: yin and yang. But why didn’t they say yang yin? why did they say yin (moon, or female) first, not say yang (sun or male) first. Don’t you think that’s weird?

So I think when the Chinese culture or characters were born, the society must be in a female controlled mode.