if you could change an important thing in your hometown, what would you change?

Every city in the world needs a good planning scheme to satisfy its citizens. If I could change an important thing in my hometown, it would be the city’s planning. The current one induces living standard to fall dramatically and leads to some damages of the city’s heritages.

First of all, because of the bad planning, citizens are facing declining living standard. Day after day, the city area remains the same while people keep coming to it and finding an apartment in order to stabilize. As a consequence, the number of traffics increases, the number of children increases, the number of patient increases and so on, but we still have the number of schools, hospitals, roads unchanged, or change more slowly. These facts definitely caused air pollution and noise pollution what makes people’s lives become harder.

Not only the living standard but the city’s heritages are impacted. As population continues to grow, the more money that needs to be spent on new constructions and infrastructure, the less money that left for repairing and reservation of either old-fashion architectural buildings or traditional immaterial values.

In conclusion, I think that by adapting a better planning, my city would become bigger and moderner, yet simultaneously protect its famous ancient immaterial heritages and enhance citizen’s welfare.

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If you do not wait for your first essay to be edited I will not edit your second.

It is surely logical that if you do not see the errors in your first essay, then you will most probably repeat the same errors in your second. I hope you agree with the logic.

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Thank you Kitosdad. And I’m sorry I posted this essay too soon. The logic you said is absolutely right. I will review this essay as well as my 1st one.