"If+will" in sentence: If you will write to her...

Hello everybody

Could you please explain to me where I can use “If +will” sentences.For example, If you will write to her…

I would request you to send me sufficient examples as my comprehension skills are terribly weak.

Many, many thanks.


Hi Tom

Generally speaking, the only time you would use “will” in the IF half of an IF-sentence is when you do not use the word “will” to form a future tense, but rather where word “will” is used to talk about “willingness” or where the word IF is used to mean “whether”.

There are also a few standard phrases where “IF + will” turn up together. For example
“if you will” (meaning: “so to say”)
“if you will pardon my saying so”

If you’ll pardon my saying so, Tom, I don’t believe this statement one little bit! :shock: But if you will just be patient a little longer, I’ll return later this afternoon with a few more examples for you… even though I’m not sure if you will be able to wait that long. :lol: :wink:



Just to add a link to the Mister Micawber’s answer to my recent (the same) question, given in the context of my asking.

‘If you will/would…’ : Extra polite?

Hi Tom

Were the last few sentences in my first post enough as examples?


Yes, Amy

A lot of thanks! :smiley: