If Google loses its cach?

Hi again, could you please take a look at this sentence:

If Google loses its cach? as search engine it is in danger though.

What does the word cach? mean in this sentence? I figure it must be something like the top position, are the leading position?

Thank you again

Hi Nicole,

Cachet originating from the French lettre de cachet - a letter under the seal of the French King giving an important order or command. This word is usually used to mean exclusivity or a standard admired by everyone. In the UK a manufacturer can have the words By appointment to Her/His Majesty on the product to indicate it is used in the royal household. This is regarded as a cachet and thus superior in quality to a manufacturer of a similar product not having the same distinction.


As Alan says, the word means prestige or a prestigious image here. The problem is that the author didn’t know how to spell the word correctly.

Here’s another comment you might find interesting on the same subject. It’s from Business Week.

“It’s inevitable that at some point [Google’s technological edge] is going to be neutralized, and online search is going to become a Pepsi-and-Coke market – that’s when marketing becomes much more important,” says Peter Sealey, a consultant and professor of marketing at the University of California Berkeley’s Haas School of Business…