If clause (type 2) in interrogation


Which of these two sentences is correct:

  • Would you like hers if she weren’t pretty?
  • Will you like her if she’s not pretty?

(She is pretty)

Thank you very much!

The first one is correct, taking into account that ‘she is pretty’. The only thing that puzzles me is the form ‘hers’. Is it a typo? Because this absolute possessive pronoun doesn’t fit here.

Oh yes it’s a typo. Thank you very much :slight_smile:

I agree with you pocket monster. She’s pretty in reality so whatever relates to ugliness must be in subjunctive mood. And so, type 2 is correct. And hers is correct to those who think it’s wrong. lol:-P

Is that supposed to be a joke? I fail to see any humour in it.

They are BOTH correct… but the second is asked about a female who as yet has not been met and seen.

“I will meet her tomorrow. I hope she’s pretty.”
“Will you like her if she’s not (pretty).”

The second one would be correct but for the fact that ‘She is pretty’ which is specified in the threadstarter’s original post.

It is grammatically correct anyway, regardless.
t doesn’t state that she is pretty and he knows that for a fact.

Oh thank you very much (esp Beeesneees :->)
I find your explanations very useful :slight_smile: