IELTS Writing task 2: The rich-poor gap


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The gap between the rich and the poor is increasingly wide, as rich people become richer and poor people grow poorer. What problems could this situation cause? What are the solutions to address those problem?


In recently years, the gap between the wealthy and the needy is likely becoming more extensive in many countries. While this circumstance causes a number of problems, there are several reasonable ways to solve those obstacles.

Firstly, the inequality between the poverty and the prosperity leads to increasing numbers of criminals. When low-income people become poorer and poorer, they may have no enough money to buy the necessaries of life such as food, drink, medicine or clothes. Therefore, people suffering from poverty normally tend to commit crimes by stealing, cheating or even robbing money or valuable things from others to meet their daily needs. Secondly, the national economic development can be limited. Whereas rich people working hard to make money have to pay a high tax, poor people just need to pay a little amount of tax or even do not pay. The high-income people will feel dissatisfied when the poor just do nothing or a few things and enjoy the public welfare. As a result, poor people are liable to make no money and rich ones tend to make less money.

Consequently, the government need to care about the real prices and real income to adjust the necessaries’ costs rationally which are affordable for all classes. If the price is reasonable, there is no need for the poor to cheat or rob others. In addition, the tax should be paid at a suitable amount for each different classes of citizens. Everyone should be responsible for paying tax to contribute the country’s economics.

In conclusion, not only the government but all citizens also need to join hands in establishing a prosperous country and narrow the distance between the rich and the poor.



Hi, I thought your writing in this was pretty clear. You seem to have a good command of English, although your vocabulary is a bit basic. You have the right overall format, but your body paragraphs need topic sentences. A topic sentence should summarize the main point of the paragraph. You should be able to figure out what the topic sentences should be from your thesis statement. So here, While #1 this circumstance causes a number of problems, #2: there are several reasonable ways to solve those obstacles. This is a tough problem to deal with in the real world, but even so, your solutions did not seem very satisfying to me at all. It seems like the solution has to involve figuring out ways to transfer the wealth of rich people and deliver it to poor people. Maybe wealth taxes, maybe a minimum wage/living wage, maybe a guaranteed income, maybe housing and medical subsidies, maybe free college and job training for poor people, there are many ideas out there. Here are some additional suggestions:



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