IELTS writing task 2- Please be active and give me feedback

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It is believed that products should be produced for a long time usage by companies. On the other hand, some people think that goods’ prices are the most important issue. In my opinion, products’ usage is significant because in this way people could not spend much money for things they need.

First of all, products’ quality is the most important factor for customers’ preference. If the product is not enough quality, people can not buy it because they think that they will have to spend money in order to be repaired it or buying another good. In other words, it is considered that quality is preferred rather than less price. For example, according a recent survey by Oxford University, it can be clearly seen that, individuals tend to purchase goods which are used for a long time rather than cheap products.

When it comes to cheap products, although many people reckon that these goods are the most convenient products for buying, it is undeniable that people want to use these goods for a long time at the same time. However, many times this situation can not be possible. Thus, human beings should not give importance to products’ price and should spend their income for good one if they can afford.

In conclusion, many people reckon that companies should produce goods that are used for a long time. Nevertheless, there are some people who believe that cheap products should be manufactured more by companies. In my view, quality goods that last for a long time play a vital role in people’s life and economy. Thus, they do not have to spend much money for their needs.

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