IELTS Writing task 2: Designing buildings

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Topic: When designing a building, the most important factor is intended use of the building rather than its outward appearance. To what extent do you agree or disagree?

Regarding the architecture of a building, people have different opinions about whether the functionality or the exterior features carry more weight. I believe that these two factors play equally essential roles, and I will elaborate on my reasons below.

On the one hand, the intended use of a complex has significant values, especially for its users. Whether it is an individual house or a workplace, people often spend the majority of their time inside the building. Therefore, the design of a high-quality building must satisfy the basic needs of inhabitants, such as functional ventilating systems or spacious areas. Besides, if the designers pay attention to interior features while establishing a complex, a great deal of money can be saved. For example, the operation cost can be remarkably reduced thanks to the use of energy-efficient materials such as double-glazed windows in high-rise buildings.

On the other hand, the outward appearance of a structure counts when it comes to the view of the public. Aesthetic qualities should be taken into consideration when designing a building, so it would not disturb the harmony of the neighborhood. Buildings that fail to blend in would cause an eyesore and face public opposition, hindering its construction process. Furthermore, investing in the outside of a building would be a wise financial decision for contructors. This is because a block of flats with a pleasing appearance would stand more chances in capturing the attention of potential buyers, creating momentum for successful business deals.

In conclusion, I believe that in terms of designing buildings, equal weights should be attached to the functionality and the look. Therefore, designers should aim for a balance between these two elements to achieve success.


Hello N Guy, welcome to our forum and many thanks for sharing your first essay with us. I must admit it is one of the best essays I have recently read on our forum. Your writing skills above average and maybe @Sumejja will find some time to welcome you and share her opinion on your writing too.

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I agree with you, Torsten.
It’s an essay with balanced views. The author has weighed both merits and demerits, and come to a convincing conclusion.
As regards diction, grammar and usage, I’m inclined to endorse your view that this is one of the best essays (very few, though) that have been posted for our evaluation in recent times.
I wouldn’t hesistate to award 70% score!
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Thank you for your kind words. I must admit that this is one of my best essays, and I will try to keep up to this standard.

Thank you for your feedbacks. Hope that you can spare some of your time to review my other essays in the future.


You may post your essays. We will try to evaluate them.
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That’s right. The noun feedback is usually uncountable and only in a very limited number of specific cases can be used in the plural form.