IELTS Writing task 1: Maps

This is the first time I post my writing. I’ll take the IELTS exam next month. Can you check it for me, please? Thank you very much.

The two maps illustrate how Grange park has been changed from its open in 1920 to the present.

Overall, it is obvious that the park has been rearranged significantly and more infrastructure have been built in Grange park such as a cafe, an Amphitheatre for concerts, water feature, and children’s play area over the given period.

In 1920, visitors could enter the park on Arnold Avenue from the north or the southern one on Eldon Street, but the park now has a new underground parking entrance. There was a fountain at the center of the park which has been replaced with a huge rose garden surrounded by many seats. The stage for musicians on the left-hand side of the fountain was demolished and replaced by an Amphitheatre for concerts. Similarly, there was another rose garden and a pond for water plants to the east of the Northern entry, but now, it was converted into a cafe and a children’s play area. In addition, a rose garden and on the top right-hand corner and a glasshouse on the bottom one has gone and now there is a water feature.