IELTS Writing Skills - 5


I am giving the IELTS exam in the second week of December this year. I have decided to do self study for the exam. I am hoping if someone can provide any feedback on my writing skills and give me some advise to improve my writing skills and also some advise to avoid any grammatical errors.

I will be submitting few letters every week and I hope everyone will be OK with this


Dear Amit,

I hope you are well. I know you are coming to Sydney next month for your vacation. I am actually going to India next month for a business trip and I’ll not be able to meet you. I am going on the same day you are coming to Sydney. I would like to apologise for this.

My client, to whom I am going to meet in India, are coming from China. They are coming for a short trip, and so I’ll not be able to cancel my meeting with them. I hope you’ll understand this.

I am not sure if you can visit a week after that, as I will be back by then. Alternatively, you can extend your trip for a week, then we can see each other. Please let me know what you have decided.

Once again, I would to apologise for any inconvenience this may cause.

See you then,

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Hello Deepakk,

Your will be going in for the IETS exam in December, though TOEFL and IETS have some similar tips, I think you can best acquire a lot of them in the IETS forum.

And below, you are addressing a message to a particular person, this forum also provide the option of sending a private message where you could best do that.

Best regards,