IELTS TASK2: agree or disagree2

Hello, I try again about agree and disagree problem. I chose a easier one to see how much can I get the point to the question. Please help me again, my test is coming soon. Thank you very much.

Q: With the increasing demand for energy sources of oil and gas, people should look for sources of oil and gas in remote and untouched natural places. Do the advantages outweigh disadvantages of damaging such areas?

Over the past few decades, rising population leads to rising demand for resources such as oil and gas. Remote and untouched natural areas become the first target for people to seek new sources of oil and gas. Despite there are few advantages associated with this situation, I strongly suggest that the disadvantages are more influential.

First of all, it is a well-known fact that the resources on earth is limited. When people run out of oil and gas from existing sources, we try to discover the other source of natural gas from Arctic or oil from other remote countries. Although there are some economic benefits for those countries and positive effects for us, I feel that the drawbacks still outweigh advantages.

On the other hand, when people digging and trying to find natural gas from a glacier may accidently release ancient bacteria which human are not immune under the ice. Furthermore, most of people only focus on making fortune from oil and gas, they do not care how serious they damage the nature. They destroy the natural habitat of wild animal and damage the biodiversity of the mother earth. The other negative effect is the oil well also may leak and cause serious ocean pollution. So many reasons above are proved that this idea is bad for environment.

In conclusion, I once again restate my view that looking for resources from remote and untouched natural places has huge negative effects on earth such as losing biodiversity and pollution.


Hi Sophia, there are actually two types of advantages/disadvantages prompts for the IELTS. One type will say “discuss the advantages and disadvantages”. The other type will say “do the advantages outweigh the disadvantages”. The first type is like the “discuss both sides” prompt. This type, with “outweigh” is more like the agree/disagree type prompt. For this type, I think it is better to use one body paragraph to discount or minimize the reasons for the other side, and the second body paragraph to support the reasons for your side. So your first body paragraph could sound something like this:

“First of all, it is true that the resources on earth are limited. New sources of fossil fuels might be found in the Arctic or in remote countries. Unfortunately, this additional oil and gas would only provide a temporary fix, as any new sources would soon run out, leaving the world no better off. The only feasible solution is to develop renewable energy resources, like wind and solar. So the seeming advantages of oil and gas exploration are actually illusory.”

Your second body paragraph is better, but it would be easier to organize and develop it if you limit it to two main points. As it is written, your essay does not seem very organized and some points, like ocean pollution are not really developed at all.

Here are some other suggestions: