IELTS task1 ---- water consumption !!!

While the line graph illustrates the global water use by sector from 1900 to 2000, the table gives information about water consumption in Brazil and Congo in 2000.

As can be seen clearly from the following graph, over this span of 100 years there appeared a variety of increasing trends in using water for all sectors, whereas agricultural use still retained the largest share of the water consumption in the world, followed by industrial use, and domestic use, respectively. More particularly, using water in agriculture increased from 500 km3 by 1900 to over 3000 km3 sharply. Meanwhile, this figure for industrial use rose moderately from 40km3 to over 1000 km3 and a slow increasing tendency in domestic water use from 20 km3 to estimated 300 km3 over the same period.

On the other hand, in 2000, water consumption per person in Brazil was 359 m3, being 351m3 larger than this number in Congo (8 m3). This is because the total area of irrigated land in Brazil was very large at 26,500 km2, compared to only 100 km2 in Congo. Moreover, population of Brazil at 176 million was ỏver 30 times bigger than that of Congo at 5.2 million. Therefore, the total water consumption of Brazil was far greater than this number of Congo.

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