IELTS Task 2: Young leader or old leader?

Some people believed that leaders in a company should be old, while other think a young leader is more suitable. Discuss both views and give your opinion.

It is common these days that high-rank positions in an organization are held by employees in their senior ages. Althoulgh there are certain benefits when appointing an experienced leader, I am thoroughly convinced that there are good reasons why we should choose a younger manager.

It is often believed by some people that older leaders bring more experience to the company. Those valuable lessons they may collect could be useful to a certain extent when it comes to facing a crisis. For example, the 2008 econimics fall-out left a devastating effect to young companies who was rushing into a collapsing real estate and stock market. However, research showed that companies with CEOs over 60 suffered less damages. It may be somewhat due to the fact that those CEOs are the same people who witnessed and drew lessons from the similar downfall in 1997.

However, I strongly believe that in an ever-increasing competition era like today, the energy, innovative mind and quick adaptability to change from young leaders could fuel the growth of an organization. The young, renowned for their fast learing capacity, could wield the new technology trend to create unique competitive adavantage. For instance, the key positions in global technology corporations are now mostly held by people under 30. Moreover, I also hold a strong view against any kind of discrimination including age when choosing a leade. It creates an unfair advantage to the senior employees. Instead, talents and the contribution to the development of a company should be the criteria to select a leader.

In conclusion, while an experience leader is helpful in time of crisis, I think a young CEO is better for the company’s future.


Hi Paul, I really enjoyed your essay. Your writing was very clear and I thought your detailed and specific examples were very convincing. Personally, I don’t have a problem with your format, but I have read that some graders are looking for three separate body paragraphs, one discussing each viewpoint and a third giving your opinion. Another option is to have two body paragraphs, one for each viewpoint, and then state your opinion in an extended conclusion.
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