IELTS task 1-----electricity production by fuel source

The pie charts below give information about the production of electricity by fuel source in Australia and France between 1980 and 2000.

Overall, the total production of electricity doubled both in Australia and in France from 1980 to 2000. Over the period, Australia still depend on fossil fuel (coal, oil, and natural gas), while there appeared changes in the proportion of energy sources for electricity production in France with a dramatic drop in the percentage of electricity production from fossil fuel and an increase in the percentage of electricity production from renewable energy sources (Hydro Power and Nuclear power).

As can be seen clearly, coal was still considered as the most important source in producing electricity in Australia at 50 units, accounting for 50% of total production in 1980 and then increased sharply to 130 units, accounting for 76% in 2000. In contrast, the production of electricity from oil and natural gas sources witnessed significant decreases to 2 units for each in 2000. The production of electricity from hydro power also increased from 20 to 36 units but nuclear power was not still used for producing electricity during the period.

On the other hand, coal, natural gas and oil were three main energy sources in producing electricity in France in 1980 at 25, 25, and 20 units respectively. However, the production of electricity from nuclear power saw an impressive growth to 126 units, making up over 70% the total production of electricity in France in 2000, while other energy sources only accounted for 30% of electricity production.

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