[IELTS Practice] My attempt on Creative Artists

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Question: Creative artists should be given freedom to express their ideas (words, pictures, music and films. However some people think government should take some restriction with them. To what extent do you agree or disagree with this opinion? Give your reasons with own knowledge and give examples.

My answer:
Generally there is much type of artist, singer, actor, author, painter, etc. as artist, they can express their ideas and also themself in much kind of forms, like songs, poetries, dances, etc. when the government take some restriction with them, it could be hard for the artist.

Firstly, artist is a profession that normally incomparable with a scientist or a doctor. The people who want to be an artist don’t have to study in a university; even universities offer a subject or major in art. Art is abstract, not science. Artist can perform better and better through experiences and practices, not just read from books. They don’t also do research, like scientists. A perform from an artist is usually hard to compare to another one. It just like two different ways.

Secondly, restrictions in art could affect the performances, because normally artists work without limit. We can’t also say which are good or bad. There is no accurate parameter to grade an artistic performance. Artist “speak” usually through their art. For dancer or maybe painter, it is important that they can opine their idea through their performance.

In conclusion I believe there is no way to take some restriction with them, because artists always discover a way to express themselves. We couldn’t also give restriction just in an art genre, because it come always new genre. What we could do is, we should give some regulation, so art can’t endanger us.

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