IELTS essay : plz evalute me!!!

1. “University should accept equal number of male and female student s in every subject.”

Education is the backbone of a nation. A nation’s overall development dependent on many aspects, education is one major part of them. That is why male and female students have equal rights to get higher education in university.
However I am not agreed that university should admit same number of male and female students in every department. This will be proved by analyzing some reasons with examples.

Every subject of a university is not suitable for either male or female students. For example nursing or medicine is better for a female student on the other hand marine or engineering (e.g. mechanical, textile) are not suited with a female student because that are very hard working subject.
Further more the population rate or education rate of a country of male and female student is not equal in every country. In terms of Bangladesh the education rate for female students is less than male students. In this case if equal number of female student with male students is admitted in a subject of a university as a result some meritorious male student are not get opportunity to study in their suitable faculty.
In some cases female students are perform better than male student in particular subjects and vice versa. And the required facilities for the male student are not same with the female student for a university.

Therefore now it is clear that it will be not fair for a university to accept equal number of male and female students in every subject. It can be for some subjects but not for every subject.

2. “Some people think that parents should tech children how to be a good member of society. Others however believe that school is the place to learn this.”

Parents are the first teacher for a child. Children will be a valuable person of a society if we learn them properly in a right way. Parent tech children all the social activities practically and school tech them institutionally. I believe both of them are important to grow up a child as a good member of society.

Children can learn all social aspect directly from their parents and apply it in society. For example how to respect their elders and how to love their younger’s, what are the responsibility and social works for a good member of a society, how perform cultural and religious activities like namaz for muslim, puza for hindus and the behavior with other relatives.

In addition school also tech a child knowledge base education which make a child educated and valuable for a society as if he can distinguish wrong and right. It teaches them humanity, human rights, law, technology, science and so on. By learning this things from school and will be applying in a particular situation then a children can be a good member in future.

Now it is clear that no one is enough for make a child as a good member of society. On is depends on another therefore both of them is essential to tech children equally.

TOEFL listening lectures: A lecture in social science class