IELTS essay: Dear Sir or Madam, I am one of your magazine reader and I am...

You read an article about your city in a magazine and you find incorrect information about your city, write to magazine and

  1. Give details about the article.
  2. Tell about incorrect information and correct it.
  3. Suggest a solution.

Dear Sir or Madam,
I am one of your magazine reader and I am writing to inform you that about some incorrect information was written on page 13 on September 15th 2008 by your author
named Sandra Jones.

Actually, the name of article was: Description of Tehran capital of Iran , but because of I has been living Tehran since I was born there, and Tehran is my hometown, I found some incorrect information on the article as follows:

-In the article was written: Tehran has seven millions inhabitants but correct population of Tehran is 12 millions.
-In the article was written: Tehran located on west-north of Iran but Tehran located on middle of Iran and south of Alborz mountains.
-In the article was written: the most problem in Tehran is narrow streets that caused heavy traffic, we have heavy traffic but its reason is increasing number of car day by day and lack of comfortable public transportation.

As a above mention and to prevent of transferring incorrect information to the reader of your magazine, I strongly suggest that control knowledge of your writer like Sandra Jones and chose the best of them and before of establish your each magazine issue please edit all of article.

Faithfully yours,

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