Idioms: 'after one's heart', 'to air oneself', 'to be all abroad'

I have some idioms can you explain to me please 1=after one’s heart
2=to air oneself 3=to be all abroad 4= all (quite) in the air 6=all square and fair

1= (something) after one’s heart – the kind (of something) that I like
2= to air oneself-- to give one’s opinion (maybe)
3= to be abroad– to be outside, away from one’s home, overseas
4= all (quite) in the air-- everything is (very) undecided
6= all fair and square– finished equitably.

thanks so much mister micawber’s
if put idioms in the sentce is better

Good idea! Please try to put them into sentences, and I will check your work.