Idiom vs. Expression

Hello Teachers,

Is ‘expression’ the same as ‘idiom’?


Hi Rosalisa,

To explain I would say that expression is more general than idiom. The word expression can be used to explain any group of words used in a particular situation as for example: We helped out with the clearing of the table after the meal.. In that sentence help out with is an expression suggesting being useful and helping others with a task/job. On the other hand: After the meal nobody bothered to lift a finger by helping to clear the table. Here ‘lift a finger’ is an idiom because although the meaning (make an effort) is reasonably clear, it can’t really be explained literally or logically. Sometimes the two words obviously tend to merge.


please tell me Dear teacher what the meaning of ‘‘As the usual stuff’’ is?

Thanks very much, Alan. Can I have another question. Are idioms and slangs, say, part of ‘Expression’?