Idiom: I am just a wee bit lazy

Dear Teachers

could you please explain to me the idioms in the following :

( I am just a wee bit lazy)

and what is meant by MS in the following passage

I also love mysteries but almost never solve them on my own.
I cold blame that on the MS (which is a brain disease, you know),
but before I ever got the disease, I was never clever enough to
figure out ‘who done it’.


In my mind it is very difficult question.
Ariadna :cry:


I think MS stands for ‘multiple sclerosis’


Hi Leo! Are you a doctor?
Your diagnose may be correct!
Ariadna :lol:

Greetings hanygeorge38,
Your question about the sentence… I am a wee bit lazy… is quite easy
to answer. That small word “wee” is exactly that - small or little.
It comes from Scotland. The language of the Scots spoken today,
has many words of Gaelic origin? and alot ofslang words?
which a normal English speaker wouldn?t understand.
So the sentence simply means - I am a little bit lazy.

A few more examples of the word “wee” may help here :

  1. Would you like a wee dram of whisky in your coffee?
  2. Wait a wee moment! I can not find my glasses.
  3. It?s a wee bit late to be drinking tea, it?s time for whisky.

The Scots is a difficult accent to understand. In Edinburgh you should
be able to grasp it but in Glasgow you will probably need a translator.
By the way, the word “Mac” or “Mc” is from the Gaelic and means “Son”
as in McDonald, MacDonald, MacKinley, McAlister … meaning “Son of” Donald, Kinley and Alister.

Similar to the Irish “O” which means "of ", as in O?Brien, O?Connell, O?Niell etc.
… which means - Of Brien, Of Connell and Of Niell etc.

Now to the the MS question. Leo has answered that correctly.
… MS is the abbreviation/acronym for `multiple sclerosis?

the Dictionary?s version is :

multiple sclerosis - (n.)
a chronic progressive disease of the central nervous system,
resulting in speech and visual disorders, tremor,
muscular inco-ordination, partial paralysis etc.

Finally, my answer to the `who done it? question can be seen at
the following link in answer to Andreana?s posting about the
“red herring”. See this link :

What does this idiom mean: “read herring”?

Best Wishes,


wee is small , then the idiom meaning is :
You are like someone consider himself or the society him as nothing or occupy nothing in the society , hasn’t value , fruitless or so on.