I'd like to have had... Please take a look at this

  • I’d like to have had brothers and sisters. (Does this express regret? Because I never had them)

I mean that, because when I was a little tot I always I asked Santa: ‘I would like to have a brother and a sister.’ I was or I am an only child and often people say about only children that they are selfish… This may be true sometimes, but I know I wasn’t and am not.

What do you say? @Alan, @Anglophile, @NearlyNapping, @Arinker, @Torsten.
Thank you in advance.


I don’t think it does.
Perhaps, ‘I would have liked to have brothers and sisters.’ might mean your regret.


Thank you very much Anglophile,

I just found a post of mine that I asked last year. Here’s the title: I’d like to have…vs I would have liked to… Please, help me with this one. Here’s the link: I'd like to have... vs I would have liked to... Please help me with this one You even replied to it.


An easier construction might be
“I wish I’d had brothers and sisters.”
“When I was a child, I wished that I had brothers and sisters.”


Thank you Arinker for your advice, but is my sentence wrong?

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