"I without you..." vs "Me without you..."


I’m a bit confused. Is “I without you…” correct? Or should we say “Me without you…”?


Can you give the entire context of the sentence, please? It’s hard to think of a good context for these exact sequence of words.

I am going to Denver without you.
She expects me to come without you by my side.

It was something romantic.

Hope this helps.

A guy might possibly label this picture “Me without you”:

In other words “This is (a picture of) me without you”.
Maybe this guy is sad because his girlfriend is gone.

To me, it would also sound more natural with “me” in the example you gave, Cantik.

Ooh, poor thing. ( :lol: )

Thanks, Amy. I know people usually say “Me without you”. But I was unsure whether we can use “I” too.

Hi Cantik

To me, the phrase “I without you” in your example sounds poetic. I wouldn’t expect to hear it in everyday conversation.

On the other hand, perhaps texters might decide they’re fond of it:
" i without u "

You never know. :lol:

Or perhaps just “Without you”.

I agree that “I without you” is more poetic than “Me without you”. Like Shakespeare kinda romantic, only he would have used “thee” and not “you”. Just my imagination. :lol:

I think it would sound a lot more natural, even in a love poem, as "Without you, I am…

Textwise, I suppose we could whittle it down to: i-u=X, where X was the second term in your simile.


To tell you the truth, Barb_D, I don’t think it’s natural at all to say something like that. No matter how. :slight_smile:

Thanks all!

Hi Cantik

I agree with Barb that “Without you” is a very natural and common collocation. Whereas “me without you” struck me as a label of sorts (see my first post) but not as a particularly typical collocation, the collocation “without you” is common and is frequently used in lots of different ways in lyrics, for example:

  • Can’t live if living is without you
  • I’m here without you
  • Love really hurts without you

So it is not so natural to use “I without you” as some sort of a label/declaration?

Or maybe it’s the same with putting a comment under a picture of our own with “This is me” and not “This is I”.

This is an interesting topic. The melancholy of lament.

Two ideas -

Without you, I’m ugly.


Without you I’m nothing.

(the aging David Bowie seems rather spooky)

I have a sentence using “me without you” as follows:

“Me without you is like Facebook without friends, Youtube without videos, and Google with no results.”

You guy please help to explain the function of “me” in this sentence. I know that “me without you” here is a compound noun being the subject of the sentence. But why do they use “me”? and Is it correct to use “me” here?

Thank you all.