I wish I had gone/went/would go

Hi Teachers,

Please look at the following:

[color=blue]I regret not going to the party. I wish I …

1/ had gone
2/ went
3/ did
4/ would go

Which one is the correct answer? And why?

Thanks in advance


Hi, Jupiter. My personal opinion though I’m a non-native speaker is the following. I think it depends. I regret not going to the party (maybe with about not going to the party is better). More context is needed. If the party is in the nearest future I wish I would go is required, Or if it took place in the past you’d better say I wish I had gone .

Hi Jupiter, Pamela

If you’re talking about the past which I assumed you are
then had gone is correct.
“I regret not going” implies the past.
You could also say “I wish I did go”.

If you mean the present:
“I regret that I am not going. I wish I was going”.

If you mean the future:
“I regret that I will not go (be going) to the party. I wish I was”; or perhaps “I wish I could (go)”.

Hi, dOlier! Nice to see you here. I agree with you but in the case “I wish I did go” I think iit may be used with the reference to the present where did is the element of emphasis. Like you I’m inclined to think that Jupiter is talking about the past so had gone is the right choice.


Yes, Pamela
You are right there. I don’t know what I was thinking when I wrote it.