"I will be my something blue"

“I will be my something blue”

It’s from “Friends 10x12 - Phoebe’s Wedding”

Phoebe: Oh wait, oh no. Wait.

(She takes off the coat she was wearing over her wedding dress, which is violet and has a darker shade petticoat underneath which shows at one side where the dress is lifted up to about the height of her hip and connected to the petticoat. She’s wearing a veil over her curly hair and a low cut top with straps only just hanging over her shoulders.)

Chandler: Wow! Aren’t you gonna be cold?

Phoebe: I don’t care… I’ll be my something blue.

What does “I’ll be my something blue” mean?

you’ve got to remember that Phoebe is…hmmm a bit on the crazy side :stuck_out_tongue:
she might mean that she will look like herself but a bit blue (due to cold) :smiley: lol i Know it’s a stupid explanation but it’s all i can think of.

So, bule here only means cold?
What’s the humor of it?

In a wedding, one of the bride’s items have to be Something Old, Something New, Something Borrowed, Something Blue. Phoebe will be cold as its snowing outside. So “I’ll be my ‘something blue’” means that for her wedding, she is going to be blue herself (due to cold)

An excellent explanation, Kutekrish.
I would only add that the ‘something old, something new, something borrowed, something blue’, whilst traditional and widespread, is not actually compulsory. It’s an old verse and the purpose of following the advice to have each of those things is for good luck.