I was born to/from

What’s the difference between ’ I was to 2 university students’ and ‘I was born from 2 university students’?
What is the correct preposition which has to follow ‘I was born’?

I think you have an error in your first example. You seem to have missed the word ‘born’.

I was born to two university students.
I was born to a Hungarian mother and a Polish father.

I am a descendent of a Hungarian maternal family and a Polish paternal family.

I came from a wealthy family.

So the correct preposition would be ‘to’ ,right?


But I read a book in which the protagonist said something like this: I was born from a human being and a vampire, is this correct?

It’s not as accurate as ‘to’ or ‘of’.

‘I was born from the union of a human being and a vampire’ would be okay though.

thank a lot :slight_smile: