I was blocked in a traffic jam. vs I was jammed. vs I was in a bad traffic.

Which of the followings sound nature please ?

1- I was stuck in a traffic jam.
2- I got stuck in a traffic jam.
3- I was blocked in a traffic jam.
4- I was jammed.
5- I was in a bad traffic.

1 was stuck is fine, this is the most natural choice, it is about the situation of not being able to move.

2 got stuck is possible but means that you were moving and then was stopped and could no longer move. You could very well use this as part of a story describing your travelling home.

3 was blocked means that suddenly something moved in your way so that you could no longer move forward. Not appropriate here: blocking could not be the cause of your getting stuck an a traffic-jam (unless traffic-jams are very weird and chaotic where you come from).

4 was jammed is wrong: it is not the thing that is supposed to move that is jammed, rather a pipe, a road, or a mechanism. About anything else, it would mean that someone pushed it violently into some hole: here, you would need to add in what hole you are pushed.

5 is wrong: traffic is uncountable in this context (cannot have “a”).

By the way, “which sounds nature?” is not correct: must be “natural”.

what if we remove “a” from #5, does it become acceptable and a natural choise? Yes I must say which of them is natural or is a natural choice, right ?

I guess you could say it without “a”, but I still wouldn’t say it, I think. I can’t quite put my finger on it. The other choices are certainly more common.

many thanks Cerberous!

i was struck in traffic