I want to have a word with you - the recording (1)



I want to have a word with you

Dentists ask us to open it wide so that they can see our teeth properly, We are told to shut it if we are not allowed to say another word and finally it’s used to describe where a river flows into the sea. The word I’m on about is ‘mouth’. It’s worth noting that the plural is ‘mouths’ where the ‘th’ has a harder sound. And this harder sound of the ‘th’ is the same when we use it as a verb. You mouth something when you shape your lips to form the words without speaking so that someone too far away to hear you can understand what you are saying. But my favourite expression describes when you say something that you shouldn’t that embarrasses someone else. We call this - putting your foot in your mouth. This is both socially and physically an activity definitely not to be recommended!