I want to go all around china. can you help me?


I’m Planing to visit China on March 2012 and I have no information. Could you please help me to find out a trustful travel agency and give some information about its attractions, culture, foods and so on.
whoever wants to join and accompany me in this journey, most welcome. we’ll stay only for 2weeks!!!

many thanks!

wowww! it’s amazing. this much comment.
I can’t believe it. maybe no one likes to visit China. so I prefer to go on my own way without getting more information.
Enjoy your journey Dear Philip.
Good luck and hope the best

I don’t have many informations about China because I live in Vietnam and I’m Vietnamese. But Vietnam is very near China. If you want to visit Vietnam I quite willing to help you!

Hi Jeyz,

many thanks for your kinds, but I planned to see some of the oldest cities around the world specially from China. Hope to visit Vientam and Camodia during my next plan.


Hi philip,

I’m a chinese, if you have any question about China and i’ll do the biggest my greatest ability for your answer.

In addition, China is worth to vist. it have many place of interest,such as The Great Wall and The Forbidden City.As a opening country,China also become more and more modern.

In conclusion, You will enjoy the time in China.

Hi dear William,
how are you ?
nice to meet you here. actually i’m planing to visit china from March 21st for 2 weeks and for that I sent an email to some of the travel agencies like Chinatouronline.com, but you know I can’t trust them. almost all of them asking for a huge amount like $2600 per person and should be paid prior to travel to China!!!
You know, this fee is reasonable but how I know they are not a fake agency.!!
what do think? is it better to travel your country first and from there get a travel agency?

many thanks,

Hi philip,
I’m fine, think you.
Where did you find the website? I just browse the Chinatouronline.com this site, feeling it looks good, but in China I have not heard of this web site. I suggest that you’d better go to the travel agency to look at a store. Another tour in China really is first to clear the cost.
Generally speaking, in foreigners come to China will take part in a travel agency before, because such than individual visit cheaper.so you’d better join a travel agency.

look forward to you’re come.

Hi Dear William,

Actually the main problem here is the travel agency. There is no tour for China!!
I asked my friends and advised me to take flight directly to Hong Kong and from there I can find travel agency with better services. what do you think?

many thanks,

Hi Dear Philip,

You can book the tour at the website which you told me. If you go to Hong Kong,you will have more choices . There’re many travel agency and you can consider how to travel in China. If you take part in the travel agency at HongKong, the price should cheaper than the website. I think it’s a good idea to go to HongKong.

you’re welcome,

wish to see you in Great China. I’ll try to book my ticket for HongKong.
thank you again for your help Mr. William.

have a nice day!

You are welcome.
If you travel in China have any problems, you can give zyf532392973@gmail.com send an E-mail, I will do my ability for you answer.

I wish you a pleasant journey.

Hi William,

could you please check the following package which I prepared. Do you think I need to add/change some of them?

1-Shanghai :
Yuyuan Garden, the Bund, Nanjing Road

Three Gorges Dam, Shennong Stream, Shibaozhai

Eling Park, General Stilwell Museum, Terra-cotta soldiers, Bell Tower, Great Mosque

Great Wall, Bird Nest, Water Cube, Tiananmen Square, Forbidden City, Summer Palace

Yangshuo County, Impression Liu Sanjie Show, Huguang Gild Hall

Hey there, wish I could help you but actually I haven’t been in China. Hope you’ll enjoy your stay and have lots of fun there…

Hi philip,
For historical cultural landscape and landscape landscape, you prefer that one? If you like the first kind, you can not miss out the wild goose pagoda in xi’an(The wild goose pagoda xian city is the famous tourist attractions. The tang dynasty ever and badge three years (in 652), for Tibetan Buddhism classics and built, minus its seven layer, connects tall 64.5 meters. Be regarded as the symbol of the ancient capital xian.)

the Ming tombs also is a good place to visit,different from the western, Chinese ancient emperor mausoleum will always mend very great vigour, DiLing is a good place to learn about Chinese culture. In 2003, the Ming tombs was listed on the world heritage list ". The world heritage committee evaluation: royal in accordance with (the Ming and qing dynasties, carefully, will the location theory of number of buildings situated on ably. It is human nature to change the product of the traditional, reflect the construction and decoration ideas, this paper explains the feudal China for more than five thousand years of world outlook and authority view.

If you tend to natural scenery, then you must not miss guilin. There is a saying called: the GuiLin is the most beautiful place in China. Guilin XiangBiShan in China can be said to be widely known in China, because of primary school Chinese textbook has an article describing the scenery. XiangBiShan special In a particular position because it looks like the elephant’s nose hence the name.

enjoy yourself,