I took the TOEIC exam, I don't know what to do with the results...

i am a university student from the Philippines, i took the TOEIC exam about last year… when i received my results, it showed 495 for listening and 490 for the reading part for a total of 985 (for non-believers, i have my TOEIC certificate for proof)… now my problem is, where can i use my TOEIC exam results? How can it help me?

TOEIC is very useful for working in USA , many Companies use this test to appreciate the English level of candidates.

Hi Olraytie,

Welcome to english-test.net and many thanks for your message. A TOEIC score of 985 points is absolutely great – it’s simply brilliant. Congratulations! As Houssem said, many companies will recognize your TOEIC Certificate so all you have to do now is apply for your first job.

Let me know what you think.
Good luck,
PS: How did you learn English?[YSaerTTEW443543]

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Thanks for giving time to answer my query… as I’ve read in this forums, English language skills change approximately every two years (I guess, it depends on the person’s skills and usage of the language), which gives me around less than a year left before i need to take another TOEIC exam to have an accurate result…

my question is, do i really need to take TOEIC every two years or so?
or can i be satisfied with my score now…?

really would appreciate your replies… thanks in advance…

P.S. Here in the Philippines, being a former colony of the United States of America, we were taught English as a second language at a young age… I have been studying english since primary school…

Hi again,

Many thanks for your interesting question. I think how often you need or should take the TOEIC test really depends on a number factors. For example: What company do you work for? How often do you use English at your job? How much time do you spend listening to English language media? What topics are you interested in? How often do you read books and articles in English? If you use your English on a daily basis it’s very likely that your command of the language increases even further so taking the TOEIC test every two years might not be necessary for you. But then again it might be a good exercise too. At any rate it’s very important for you not to focus on your TOEIC score but rather on the goals have set yourself in life.

Please let me know what you think.

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Hello Torsten,
Now I’m taking the TOEIC Test.What i want to know is-do you take into account my scores from that test too?

thanks Torsten… I’ll keep that in mind…

The TOEIC Test is a certificate of measurement regarding the English language proficiency of non Native English speakers. The TOEIC is accepted worldwide by many companies, universities, authorities and other organizations that may see the certificate as a necessity in deciding whether a candidate is suitable for a job position, entrance into a training course, immigration and other things.

If you are not a native English speaker many companies, universities and authorities may ask for this certificate (among others) “irrespective” of how good your English is, this means that even if your English is perfect, you may be asked for the certificate as a matter of procedure, routine, rules or regulation, just because you are not a native English speaker.

ETS state that the TOEIC certificate is valid for a period of two years and if you have a certificate older than this, it will be up to the people who are asking for the certificate to decide whether or not it is acceptable. This means that only the people requiring the certificate can actually say whether you need it or not.

If you need a current certificate and your existing certificate is older than two years, and, the people asking for it state that the certificate must be current, then you must re-sit the test again!

This is my understanding.

Authorized TOEIC Administrator.