_.-._I take that too

At a bank
Opening a bank account


Teller: Can I help you, please?

Woman: Yes, I’d like to open a bank account.

Teller: OK. Do you have two types of identification on you?

Woman: Ah, yes, I do.

Teller: Driver’s license or a major credit card will be fine.

Woman: Uhum, OK. …

Teller: Thank you. And credit card?

Woman: Credit card? Yeah.

Teller: Thank you; thank you very much.

Woman: That’s it?

Teller: And if you have your social insurance number, I take that too.

Woman: Oh, I do.


I take that too.

What does “I take that too” mean?

1- I want that too.

2- I need that too.

3- …

Thank you

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I would expect him to say “I’ll take that, too.”
He means “You can give that to me as well” , which he’s saying because he does need it.


Thank you so much, Arinker :rose:

Very nice.

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